Scrappy Sewing Machine Pin Cushion - Sewers Club Tutorial
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Let’s make a Sewing Machine Pin Cushion using scraps!🪡✨

Prior to beginning, cut all of the listed materials. Images at the bottom of the post correspond with the steps in the sewing instructions. 

If you have a lot of scraps, you may wish to create the backing out of them too using an additional 15 squares.

Sewing Instructions🪡
1. Begin by arranging your squares in 3 rows, 5 squares each.

2. Join the squares in rows. To do so, place the squares with right sides together and sew across the side you wish to join. Keep doing so one by one until the rows are complete.

3. Attach the rows by placing them with right sides together and sewing across the side you are joining.

4. With each machine tie, iron 1/4” in on one of the 1 1/2” edges. This is to finish one edge, the other will be raw. Then press in half to crease the middle. Bring the raw edges of the longer sides in to meet the creased middle. Fold again so that the raw edges are folded in. Sew on the open side to secure.

5. Center the raw edges of the ties on the 5 1/2” sides of the front scrappy piece. Baste in place.

6. Place the front and backing together with right sides facing. Sew around leaving an opening on one of the 3 1/2” sides.

7. Turn inside out and stuff. Hand sew the opening closed.

You’re done!🙌


Pin Cushion Tutorial by Sewers Club


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So cute I’m going to have to make one thanks for the instructions

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