DIY Quilt Block Tote Bag

Looking to start quilting but want to start small? Or are you an experienced quilter looking to use up sample blocks? Then making a tote bag from a quilt block may be just for you! This project is quick and easy and allows you to showcase your creativity by picking out your own fabrics and designing unique blocks. Our tutorial will guide you through the process of creating your very own quilt block tote bag. 


  • (2) Quilt blocks of the same size (exterior)
  • (2) Lining fabric same size as your quilt blocks
  • (1) 4" X 42" strip for the straps

Sewing Instructions:

  1. With right sides together, stitch the two lining pieces together leaving the top edge open.
  2. Create 2 boxed corners 1 inch from the seam or larger on the bottom right and left corners of the bag. Trim the access fabric. 
  3. Repeat on the quilt block exterior pieces placing them good sides together, then sewing three sides leaving the top open. Box the two bottom corners as in the previous step.
  4. To create the straps take the 4" x 42" strip. Mark the middle on the wrong side. Fold the WOF edges down to meet in the middle. The two raw edges should touch. Press and fold again in half so the raw edges are folded in. Sew a top stitch to secure the fold. 
  5. Cut the sewn 42" strap in half to create two 21" straps.
  6. Baste the straps to the exterior 3-1/2" in with right sides facing down and raw edges out.
  7. Turn the lining inside out and place inside the exterior bag body. Match the side seams and sew around the top of the bag, leaving a 3" opening to turn the bag inside out.
  8. Turn the bag inside out and press. Sew a top stitch around the top of the bag to secure the opening.

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