Sewing Room Organization Ideas

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Sewing is an enjoyable and relaxing hobby... until you have to clean up your post project mess! If you’re looking to organize your sewing room and make it a more enjoyable place to quilt, here are 6 ideas to help you get started!


1. Keep frequently used items within easy reach.

Store items that you use often, like scissors and pins, in an easily accessible locations for convenience. I like to keep my most used tools in a pencil holder so I don't have to dig though my larger bins to find small notions like my seam ripper (Which unfortunately for me, I do reach for frequently).


2. Designate an area for each project.

Allocate a specific spot for each project you are working on and avoid clutter. In my crafting room, I have a bin dedicated to current projects, and another one for future projects. When I'm sewing, I can easily pull out my current projects bin and have all my material ready to go. It makes clean up easy too, because I just toss everything into the bin and pop it back on my shelf.


3. Place fabric in clear containers.

Using clear storage containers to organize your fabrics and sewing supplies has several benefits. Firstly, it allows you to easily see what you have without having to dig through opaque containers or drawers. This saves you time and energy when searching for a specific item. Additionally, it helps to keep your supplies clean and protected from dust, insects, and moisture. By organizing everything in clear containers, you can also better categorize your supplies and keep them in designated areas, thus reducing clutter and creating a more efficient workspace.

4. Organize your fabrics by size

Try using different bins for different sized, coloured or types of fabrics. I have two bins in my sewing room. One for pieces less than a fat quarter, and one for pieces larger than a fat quarter. It helps me easily browse my fabrics without wondering if I have enough for my project.


5. Use a peg board. 

Using a pegboard to hang your scissors, rulers, and other tools can be a great way to keep them organized and easily accessible while also freeing up valuable workspace. By placing the pegboard at arm's length, you can quickly grab the tool you need without having to dig through a drawer or cluttered desk. Plus, it's a visually appealing way to keep your tools on display and adds a touch of personality to your workspace.


6. Don’t procrastinate clean up after a project.

I often tell myself "I'm going to sew more later, I'll just leave everything out until I done". But when is one ever done sewing? When I leave my sewing space clean and tidy I find I'm more inclined to get sewing again! Put tools back where they belong and discard any scraps and garbage. Doing this right away will be easier than waiting for later. Plus, starting a project in a messy sewing room is less than ideal. This will help keep your craft room free from clutter.


That's it!

Creating an organized sewing room is the key to a successful and enjoyable sewing experience. Use these tips to help you get started and create the perfect sewing room for you! Share your favourite sewing room organization tips or hacks in the comment section!


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